Our partnership is based on the shared desire of our founders to go back to the basics in terms of practicing the law by eschewing the excess formality that translates into extended turnarounds and additional costs to the client. We work on a word of mouth basis and have built our reputation on the satisfaction of our clients.

Leveraged on the knowledge and network of our partners, we aim to provide a swift and value added assistance by partnering with our clients and help them navigate the way to success – it is not their path, but rather the road we face together.

We believe the best way to serve our clients is to remain generalists which is possible given the Macau SAR legal regime and the size of our market – it enables us to provide dedicated representation and ensuring due privacy.

Aside from the long friendship that united our founders in this project, they truly embody a east meets west partnership thus combining their strengths in the service of our clients and which gives us an edge in initiatives such as the Belt and Road.

We are firmly grounded in Macau and aim to contribute through our work and community service to the sustainable development of the region, especially in its integration within the Greater Bay Area. We also work to a significant extent with Hong Kong SAR based clients, those from the mainland and overseas.